Gen-AI Review of my Article: Artificial Intelligence: The Great AI Debate!…

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3 min readNov 24, 2023
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Review Process.

The concluding comments of my article entitled Artificial Intelligence: The Great AI Debate!… asked the reader to ponder their own views on the topic. I also thought it would be fun to see what Gen-AI would make of this article, so I followed this process.

  1. Use my article as input for a Gen-AI text summary tool.
  2. Use this AI summary (Key points) as input to a Gen-AI text generator tool.
  3. Receive AI’s perspective on the general theme of my article.
Image, showing 3 steps to creating an AI review process. Input to Summary, and Summary to Article. All done with Gen-AI tools.
AI Article Review Process. Image by the Author.

Article Summary

Input: Asked AI Summarize Tool to summarize the following Article:

Artificial Intelligence: The Great AI Debate!…

Output: The AI Summarize Tool outputted the following reply:

The text discusses the similarities between the development of fire and artificial intelligence (AI).

It mentions that AI training techniques involve learning from mistakes and rewarding positive outcomes. The current debate around AI is compared to the past revolutionary technology of fire.

The potential risks of AI are highlighted, including biased datasets and over-reliance on technology. The text also discusses the safeguards and regulations that are being put in place for AI.

It concludes by stating that AI offers both risks and rewards, and society needs to be mindful of these to prevent negative consequences.

  • The text discusses the parallels between the development of fire and the advent of artificial intelligence (AI).
  • It mentions the current debates surrounding AI, with some advocating for its adoption while others believe it poses a threat to humanity.
  • The text also explores the potential risks and consequences of AI, including biases, misuse of data, and over-reliance on technology.
  • It highlights the need for safeguards and regulations to govern the use of AI.
  • The author concludes by pondering whether AI will be a catalyst for a creative revolution or a detriment to the humanities.

AI Perspective.

I took one of the key points from the AI summary of my article and fed it into a Gen-AI text generator assistant.

Input: Asked AI Text Generator Tool the following question:

“Whether AI will be a catalyst for a creative revolution or a detriment to the humanities?”

Output: AI Text Generator Tool outputted the following answer:

AI has the potential to revolutionize creativity by offering new tools and insights, enabling exploration of innovative ideas. However, concerns exist that AI’s automation and replication capabilities may devalue human expressions and the humanities.

Striking a balance between AI’s power and genuine human experience is crucial in managing its impact on the humanities.

Concluding Comments.

What did you think of The AI’s” review?

The semantic reasoning¹ capabilities of these Gen-AI tools is pretty amazing. We already have,

  • Text to Image & Text to Audio tools,
  • With Text to Music and Text to Video sure to follow.

Hey AI Assistant:

Can you create a song for me, write the lyrics and compose the tune please?

Can you create a short movie? 30 mins max, write the script and generate the cinematography please.”

What will our humanity and the society of tomorrow look like, after decades of AI assistance?

Notes & Citations.

About the Author:

Colin Byrne is an IT professional with over 25 years industry experience, BSc grad (2000) in “Computing Science”, from University of Ulster & MSc. post grad (2020) in “Artificial Intelligence”, from the University of Limerick.

References: [1] 2023 How ChatGPT Understands A=B but Struggles with B=A” , Available at:



colin byrne

IT professional, MSc. post grad in Artificial Intelligence.